I am new to drupal 7 theming. I see that there is a variable called $page_top in html.tpl.php file, which contains HTML markup for the header section of the body. I want to override this and print my markup. How can I do that in template.php file, or is there any other way?


you can use hook_preprocess_html() like this :

function hook_preprocess_html(&$vars) { $vars['page']['page_top'][] = array('foo' => array('#markup' => 'foo')); // Or other render array stuff }


You override markup by using :

  function template_preprocess_field(&$vars){ 
    if($vars['element']['#field_name'] == 'field_event_geofield')
          //kpr($vars); //Uncomment to output the $vars array.

           if(isset($vars['element']['#items']['0']['lat']) && isset($vars['element']['#items']['0']['lon'])) { $vars['items']['0']['#markup'] = 'View Map'; } return; } 

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