Im using the zen theme to create a subtheme. I cannot display the breadcrumb properly. My url is using taxonomy as its parents so something along the lines of http://example.com/link1/title-article. I want the breadcrumb to be "Home > Link1 > title article.

Unfortunately I only have Home / title-article as the breadcrumb. How can I resolve this? I havent changed the zen_breadcrumb function in the zen template..

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The Crumbs module will do what you are looking for. It allows you to set the pattern for crumb generation. In your case the pattern for an article would be something along the lines of


Home is automatically generated so this will give you a crumb path of: Home >> Taxonomy Term

If you want to include the article title, then you would just add [node:title] to the crumb pattern.


Which would produce: Home >> Taxonomy Term >> Title

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