It's possible to set the permission to view for a Content type. But how can i let the choice to view to public OR only verified users/role to the user?

Making 2 different Content types would be an easy solution, but is not convenient. Also, Node Access is to difficult for users (too many choices). Need just a button or check box to hide or view the node public. If it's hidden for public, it should be visible to registered users.

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Found a way to do this with tags. Feel free to add information about doing this with tags:

  • Added a taxonomy 'visibility' with 2 tags: public and closed.
  • Added to Contenttype a field with a selection-list (so, a user can only choose one).
    • (set it to requiered to only have 2 options.)
    • (in my case, i set the default to public.)
  • Enabled taxonomy-module 'Taxonomy Access Control'
  • go to admin/config/people/taxonomy_access >> anonymous >> choose [edit access rule]
    • (in my case it's admin/config/people/taxonomy_access/role/1/edit)
  • Under New >> choose the term 'closed' (or your equivalent like 'not for mother-in-law ;-) ).
  • Set everything to D (Deny)
  • When Content Access is also on, set grant priority to -1 on the contenttype-page (admin/structure/types/manage/[contenttype]/access

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