I want to set an anchor link on a page to an anchor on a different page. I have been able to do this using CKEditor, specifying the target anchor and then specifying an href for the link in CKEditor to, for example, /training/classes/#puppy-training.

This works, but the resulting URL obviously includes the #, instead of /training/classes/puppy-training. Is there any way to remove the # mark from the URL?

This is using nodes built with custom content types in Drupal 7. I've also noticed the Links module, and wonder if it might be of any any help setting up anchors?

I'm also wondering how to approach this if I was using Views.

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If 'puppy-training' is a section on the '/training/classes' page then there is not a way to remove the '#' symbol. The '#' symbol is a fragment identifier. It is supposed to refer to a location within a resource (i.e., the '/training/classes').

If you would like to have a URL without the '#' symbol, I would recommend creating a separate node for that piece of content.

  • Very good to know. Thank you for the detailed explanation.
    – arne
    Dec 20, 2011 at 4:47

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