In a panel, I'm trying to add a view block and I'm trying to translate my views title l but it's not displaying anything or translating. Below you can see my settings in my panels. enter image description here

If I dont override the title, it's still blank. I dont see the English or the FR translations.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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I thought there was already support for translatable pane titles in Panels with the i18n_panels submodule. However, looking at Issue #117934 which is currently marked fixed, there are still people providing patches. Though that issue title states it is for translatable Panel PAGE titles, the patch on comment #106 actually modifies code to make pane titles translatable.

Note that from an architectural perspective the approach in comment #106 is frowned upon because you are not supposed to pass dynamic text through t(). I would consider this a small permissible hack to get you across the finish line without wasting too much time.

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