I'm stuck with a problem while using workbench moderation. while working on a node, my client wants to save / auto save his work but if he hits the default save button then it is creating a revision (which is unwanted, since his work is not finished yet).

how is it possible for admin to save their content while they are still working on it, something like "save as draft", which they can continue later?

is there a way in workbench moderation to have it create a revision only when the moderation state is changed? If not, is there any other module which works with workbench to auto save / save the work without creating a new revision.

I also need the admin to stay on the same edit page when he hits this save button. I tested "save & edit" module, which does what I need but it also creates a new revision, which is not required.

please help!

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You can do it by using these modules :

Save Draft

Save Draft adds a 'Save as Draft' Button to the node_form for content types, allowing the user to click the 'Save as Draft' button to save the node as a draft.


The Draft module provides the ability too create drafts of existing nodes as well as new nodes before you have saved them.

The module utilizes the jquery.fields plugin to serialize all of the information and then the information is stored in a database row serialized.

The module provides the ability to autosave the content without the user having to hit the Save as Draft button on the form.

  • thanks Adi, but my major concern is, I don't want new revisions to be created by workbench, is there a way to avoid that while using the draft module for autosave?
    – user53557
    Oct 29, 2015 at 23:28

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