I want to know all the fields of the object returned by user_load().

I can analyze it while the site is running with var_dump(), but I want to see the fields without running Drupal, say by opening any (.module) files.

In general, how can I see the object fields of standard objects?


The full answer is: There's no single piece of code which can answer your question. Since PHP has weak and dynamic typing, any piece of code can access the global $user object and can remove/add something to the the object (whether this is always a good idea is an other question).

As a Java (which statically and strong typed) veteran this was the biggest difference to cope with.

BTW: Use dpm which comes with krumo support instead of var_dump this makes the output much more readable. An other aproach is to get familiar with a debugger (Xdebug or Zend).

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Take a look in your "users" table; the function returns all the columns of that table.

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    I support this answer, although as pointed out by BetaRide, more data may be added, for example, by the profile module which is there just for that purpose. – Alexis Wilke Dec 21 '11 at 7:24

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