I have enabled boost module as well clean url's also I got below error at admin/reports/dblog section:

Could not rename the file cache/normal/www.example.com/_.html on your system (It comes sometimes.).

The file permissions could not be set on cache/normal/www.example.com/test_.html.

I have set permissions for cache folder is 755.

  • what's the user your apache runs with ? – rémy Oct 29 '15 at 13:38
  • Hi remy thanks for your quick replay.www-data is the user,is there any chance to website crash for above error? – Parvateesam Oct 30 '15 at 5:37
  • and to what user belong your files and folders ? – rémy Oct 30 '15 at 8:33
  • i'm login admin as user id "1" then accessing website and through ftp i'm accessing files – Parvateesam Oct 30 '15 at 9:00
  • i'm talking about the user of the file system ;) is this the same as the apache user ? – rémy Oct 30 '15 at 11:47

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