I have this scenario: The contenttype "event" has a date-field (with repeat-options). All repeating events are repeated for a certain timespan once a week.

I want to achieve this views-block:

  • Show me all repeating events (got this to work with condition eventdate:rrule not empty).
  • Group by Event-Id and don't show me every repeating event (because the description text of the event contains the human-readable repeat-logic ... e.g. every tuesday at 12.00)

My Problem is: I activated "Use aggregation" in the view and wanted to group the events by node-id, but the date field (field_data_field_event_date_field_event_date_value) is automatically added to the "GROUP BY"-SQL part when i do this (and i can't remove it)

Am I using the wrong approach?


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I ran into similar problems and managed to fix it by enabling Aggregation on the view plus enabling 'Distinct'.

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