I have a local version of a site on my WAMP localhost. For some reason, and only in this site, the site's folder name won't appear in any internal link/url in the site (including administrative links). I would always need to add it manually with the keyboard, if I'll want to navigate anywhere. For example, if I'll manually type the address localhost/pharmatka/admin/structure/ and there left mouse-click on "Content types" or "Menus", I'll get a 404 not found error and the appearing address will be localhost/admin/structure/types or localhost/admin/structure/menu (without the "pharmatka" site folder name).

  • This problem does not occur other local sites --- it's unique only to that site, so the problem seems Drupal-originated rather than server-originated.
  • There aren't any similar problems with the online version of the site. *Clarn URLs are already activated.
  • The site has a fresh, unedited .HTaccess file.
  • The site seems not to have any customized modules.
  • The site's Drupal version is 40.1, all is updated. No DB updates pending. *I've tried to clear cache with Drush after all of the above - didn't help.
  • Try to use vHost instead of localhost/sitefolder. – Permana Nov 3 '15 at 7:41
  • Can try (would take me much time that I try to save) --- Why other sites in the same server won't require it, but this one allegedly does? Thank you!!! – JohnDoea Nov 3 '15 at 14:14

Commenting $base_url row in Settings.php (row 281 in my file) did the trick. For programming students like me, I Used a hash-mark (#) to do so. See the diff:

-- $base_url = 'www.sitesname.com';  // NO trailing slash!

++ # $base_url = 'www.sitesname.com';  // NO trailing slash

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