I have created project in drupal7.37 (url: http://localhost/test/drupal737) and working on hybridauth-7.x-2.14 module. I installed this module with dependency module and library.

I have created application in linkedIn and used Authentication Keys in my drupal admin panel.

But I got the following error;

Exception: Authentication failed! LinkedIn returned an invalid Token. in Hybrid_Auth::initialize() (line 169 of /var/www/test/drupal737/sites/all/libraries/hybridauth/Hybrid/Auth.php).

Please advice me.

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Try following steps:

  1. First login using drupal credentials.
  2. Go to user profile page, click on linkedIn tab.
  3. Now connect to linkedIn using its credentials, and then logout.
  4. Now try login using LinkedIn social media.
  • This error came when anonymous user click on LinkedIn Icon for registration. – Kishor Hase Nov 4 '15 at 8:57

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