On a D7 site using fivestar , I'd like to extract data from the module but there is not such table or node in the database and looking at the source code, I could not figure out in which table/fields the fivestart data are related/stored.

So appreciate your help about this.


The table does not have 'fivestar' in the name - try looking for the content type, or the word 'vote', or the axis name, in table names. For example, I have a (test) content type named 'Review' with three voting axes. The Fivestar fields are as follows:

  • field_data_field_review_votes_average
  • field_data_field_review_vote_axis_one
  • field_data_field_review_vote_axis_three
  • field_data_field_review_vote_axis_two

Fivestar module defines a field. Add a field to a content type. If fx you add a field named "test" of type fivestar reting to a content type then you can find the table with the name "field_data_field_test".

  • There is no table with this name: field_data_field_fivestar or any name containing fivestar. – Jand Nov 4 '15 at 13:15

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