I need to create an XML using Views RSS module, and it's created correctly. But I want to add a custom field to the XML. For example, an item from the XML is:

<title>Liburu bat</title>
 <description>Produktu bat</description>
 <category>Forros para botas %% Espuelas %% Calzado</category>
 <guid isPermaLink="false">1022</guid>
 <source url="http://whatever.com/es/comercios/productos/whatever.xml">Escaparate Whatever</source>

And I want to add a custom field to that item, for example: Something else

Any idea how can I do it?


You need to implement a hook_views_rss_item_elements() invocation if you're wanting to add a custom item element. For example:

 * Implements hook_views_rss_item_elements().
function MYMODULE_views_rss_item_elements() {
  $elements['my_element'] = array(
    'title' => t('My Element'),
    'description' => t('Provides a my_element to an item element in Views RSS.'),
  return $elements;
  • How would I do this in Drupal 8?? I tried using this same hook but it doesn't produce the custom node. I tried to search for the hook in Drupal 8 documentation but I couldn't find it. Thanx
    – chavab_1
    Nov 15 '16 at 0:26
  • Your feed format should be set to 'RSS Feed - Fields' not 'RSS Feed' if you want these hooks to be fired.
    – Gervase
    Nov 7 '18 at 20:41

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