I have a very simple set up as described below.

modules: Search API 7.x 1-1 Search Pages 7.x - 1.2 Database Search Devel Generate

I’ve set up a database server and an index for indexing nodes. The nodes were created using the Devel Generate module. The nodes have been indexed as shown on the Search API ->View->Index Status. On the Nodes->Index->Fields tab I’ve several options like Node ID, Content Type, Title, Status, etc. In Structure->Blocks I’ve added the Search Index to the page in the sidebar. I also set permissions so anonymous users can administer search.

But when administering a search nothing is returned. For test purposes, when entering in the same search term (‘Amet’) in the default search, results are being returned.

How do I troubleshoot this? What is the problem here? Anyone help would be appreciated.

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What type have you selected for your indexed fields? I think search_api_page only handles fields using fulltext indexing, and wouldn't be so useful for numeric fields like nid, or text fields indexed with the string type.

You could also try using Views with search_api

  • i checked and have the field Title type set as Full Text.
    – TopTomato
    Nov 5, 2015 at 20:00

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