I have a content type "items" with a Select list field with the options 0|Free and 1|Reserved.

I am trying to change the fields value from 0 (default) to 1 when a certain webform is submitted (the webform gets the Nid from the url).

For this I have made (and enabled) a custom module (by following a tutorial I found) with the code below:

function reservable_item_change_status_webform_submission_insert($node,$submission) {
  if($node->nid == 5){ //my webform has an id of 5
    $nodeID = $submission->data[3]['value']['0'];
    $reservableItem = node_load($nodeID);
    if($reservableItem ->type == 'items'){
      $reservableItem->field_item_status['und'][0]['value'] = 1;

My problem is that nothing is happening. No errors, but the field status is not being changed to reserved.

I am using Webform version 3.2 because the tutorial stated it was meant for Webform 3.x. I will test with 4.x after I get this working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • For anyone else trying to get similar functionality to work in Webform 4.x you need to change $nodeID = $submission->data[3]['value']['0']; to $nodeID = $submission->data[3]['0']; as mentioned in the answer.
    – puudutus
    Commented Nov 5, 2015 at 8:42

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If typo:

if($reservableItem ->type == 'items'){

change into:

if($reservableItem->type == 'items'){

In my implementation I get the submission values like:


So try to change it accordingly

  • Thanks for comment. I actually tried this both ways (cause was wondering the same thing). The way I wrote it here was how it was in the tutorial. But this didn't fix the issue.
    – puudutus
    Commented Nov 4, 2015 at 20:04
  • I tried $submission->data[3][0]. Same problem. Maybe the hook is not working at all for some reason?
    – puudutus
    Commented Nov 4, 2015 at 21:23
  • are you sure that node id is under $submission->data[3] ? It schould be in 3th input field in webform then Commented Nov 4, 2015 at 21:36
  • It is the 3rd input field in the webform. I'm just wondering how I start to debug this problem.. to see if the hook is working at all.
    – puudutus
    Commented Nov 5, 2015 at 5:56
  • 1
    Also, for anyone else trying to get similar functionality. Your implementation of getting submission values ($submission->data[3][0]) is required to make this work with Webform 4.x ($submission->data[3]['value']['0'] returns an php error).
    – puudutus
    Commented Nov 5, 2015 at 8:09

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