I have some node IDs I'm passing to a view; however the sort order is wrong.

Here's my pseudo code:

//query to grab the nids

if (!empty($nodeids)) {
  $view = 'taxo_listing';
  foreach ($nodeids as $nid) {
    print views_embed_view($view, block_1, $nid);

What I need to do is pre-build the view then run implement hook_views_query_alter to sort the view before printing out the view.

Been looking at http://views.doc.logrus.com/ for a while now, but it's all a bit confusing, can anyone offer any clues as how to go about this? I know what I want to do but unsure how to go about it, sound familiar guys?

Thanks in advance.


I don't know where $nodeids comes from, but I expect it's an array of nids from a database query? If so, you're effectively running a view with a view and can probably get away without writing any code for hooks.

Therefore, you can either:

  • Sort the $nodeids yourself with uasort() which will mean probably returning more fields to sort with and maybe writing your own comparison function.
  • Let Views handle all of this, thus gaining access to the UI and all it's powers.

The latter 'view within a view' approach is better for sustainability and sanity because it uses the Views UI and theme layers more consistently. A good approach that's worked for me is:

  1. Make a view that can either:
    • return the properly sorted $nodeids, or;
    • get it to take an argument of a comma-separated list of nids you can pass implode(',', $nodeids) to.
  2. use Views PHP to add a field that can contain your views_embed_view($view, block_1, $nid), probably with $nid replaced by $row->nid but will depend on your setup.
  3. Add any sorting or sorting code to the view you want.
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  • Many thanks for your advice, The view in question accepts NIDS as arguments, but ignores the sort I have on 'title' using the wonderful view UI. The query is run on a separate table ie not the one that I have in my view. I was hoping that there was a way to pre-build a view, sort it then print it. Plus I would really like to learn more about how views works under the hood. – user4560 Dec 21 '11 at 15:28
  • if you could tell more about what taxo_listing is doing/what you want it to do, that might shed some more light on an answer as well, as, to be blunt, views does not "ignore" sorts on titles – Jimajamma Feb 20 '12 at 3:49
  • If you can see sorting on Live Preview and views_embed_view is not respecting it, it clearly is a bug in Views. views_embed_view is supposed to respect all argument, sorts, filters, etc. – AyeshK Nov 2 '12 at 20:17

You can try hook_views_pre_render as well

This hook is called right before the render process. The query has been executed, and the pre_render() phase has already happened for handlers, so all data should be available.


function hook_views_pre_render(&$view) {
  // Scramble the order of the rows shown on this result page.
  // Note that this could be done earlier, but not later in the view execution
  // process.

Read Views hooks

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