I want to use domain access module for my xampp localhost. Any one knows how to configure it for localhost.


Regarding module configuration, use your localhost address as domain alias for each domain. /admin/structure/domain/view/1/alias

Of course you need to have those aliases configured for your virtualhost on server too.

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If you are using windows 7 (32bit), then you can create as many host names in this file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts The File path may be vary depends on your Operating system. You can add as many alias for localhost in bottom of file

Example :

thisismyhost .com

Save the file. Now you can access your locahost server in any of the above hostnames you added. Use the same name in your drupal site when you create domains in domain access module.

P.S : Im sure there should be something similar for all other operating systems.

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Finally I got a very suitable link, i.e. Working With Domain Access Module in Drupal 7.x.

Using this I have sorted out my problem.

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