Short: I have commerce product and commerce discount that affects this product's price. I want to presents details of this discount to users in shop.

Long story: I use Drupal Commerce with Drupal Commerce Discount which is based on Rules. Discount module is used for configuring promotions on products. Some of promotion (configured discounts) are time-limited ie. they ends on 11.11.2015. I would like to get information about discounts that affect product when displaying details. First of all I need to display information how much time is left before discount ends.

Is there any way to get information about active rules on product level?

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On the line item, you have the field_unit_price field. Inside of that field's data attribute, you'll find information about the discounts that are applied to that product:

array(1) {
  array(2) {
    array(3) {
      string(22) "discount|discount_test"
      array(3) {
        string(3) "USD"
        array(2) {
          string(13) "discount_test"
          string(5) "Test"

Iterate over the components. If there is a discount applied to one of the items, you'll find one with a name that begins with discount|. Then you can then load that discount and grab more information about it:

$discount = entity_load('commerce_discount', array('discount_test'));

From here, if you've added dates, the date fields will be accessible on the field commerce_discount_date.

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