Is there a module to mask user url with a temporary url which only last for a day and next time it generates another url for the same user?

I want to hide the users UID/username so that no two users can talk to each other but can view their profiles with a temporary url.

I checked with pathauto module but it generates a dynamic permanent url not a temporary ones.

Edit:- I used uuid_link module for this and ran cron to generate uuid for users.

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It's very unlikely; this sounds like a very specific use-case that wouldn't need a dedicated project. You're going to have to implement your own custom module to pull this off.

You could go an aliasing route in a manner similar pathauto but that is likely to leave source paths open (e.g. user/XXX) to accessibility. A better approach is to create a simple module that:

  1. Uses a hook_cron() implementation to generate random hash to UID mappings periodically and storing them in custom table.
  2. Implementing a hook_menu() to generate a dynamic path like user/%random_hash that maps the random hash paths in #1 to a user profile page (generated in the the same manner like user/%user)
  • yes I took this approach. I was thinking that there was already a dedicated module for this requirement.
    – Villie
    Nov 12, 2015 at 3:48

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