While theming form in template file I used drupal_render to print selected fields of form. But after hit submit button, data is not saving, means submit button is not working.

I know one solution is to use drupal_render_children but it is giving me every child of form, means I'm getting all of the elements of form.

I don't want form's each and every element.

Only selected fields should get rendered.

Any way to print form selected field elements in tpl file with a working submit button?


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One more standard way to hide form elements is to make their #access property to false , or use hide function or unset function to hide undesired elements . then you can render $form .

for example imagine you are going to hide $form['details']['name'] , in hook_form_alter you can use this snippet :

$form['details']['name']['#access'] = FALSE;

or you can hide it from being displayed , using this snippet :


then you can easily render your form in any place you desire using

print drupal_render(drupal_get_form('FORM_ID'));

You can render form specific form elements with the help of drupal_render. And in order to make submit button work, render all hidden form items and your submit button will work fine then.

Necessary fields for form submission are:

echo drupal_render($form['form_build_id']);
echo drupal_render($form['form_token']);
echo drupal_render($form['form_id']);

and ofcourse your submit button too.


Please add these four lines after render all your content type or form fields in below sequence.

 1. drupal_render($form['form_build_id']);     
 2. drupal_render($form['form_id']); 
 3. drupal_render($form['actions']);  
 4. drupal_render($form['form_token']);

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