I have a multilanguage site. I had a link to node/drupal_get_path_alias('node/15') and works perfectly identifying the language of the site, so it gets the correct path ("products" for english, "productos" for spanish). I have installed Path Breadcrumb, tried to configure, and to my surprise, the link which previously worked is rewritten to the incorrect language, instead of "/productos" is "/products". The link is in the main HTML, in the preprocess_page. Why does Path Breadcrumb rewrites a path instead of just creating the breadcrumb? I uninstall the module and all works as intended again.

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It was completely my fault. Path Breadcrumb works perfectly. The problem is that I had a path alias which instead of being English, it was All languages, and so the module didn't know what link to choose. I hadn't noticed the error before installing the module, and somehow the module installation made the error to be detectable.

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