I'm trying to create a custom field type which has several elements, one of which is an image. Is it possible to use an image field type within this form somehow? Most of the resources I find tell me to use a managed_file, but it seems I have to manage my own file in this case? As in move it from temp to public storage, create file_usage instances, and such? I don't really want to do that if I don't have to :)

As an example, I'd like to have something like the following in my hook_field_widget_form():

$element['iid'] = array(
    '#title' => 'Image',
    '#type'  => 'image',

I would also like to employ other features of the image field type, such as alt text and styles.

Edit: I should add that I've taken a look at the field_collection module, however the client I am working for has specified that modules without a solid version (those tagged as alpha, beta, or dev) are not to be used.

Edit 2: Looks like there's no way of using custom field types within your own custom field type. I ended up doing the file management myself by taking a peek at how the Image module does it's file management. Unfortunatey this means that I'm not taking advantage of image styles, although it looks like I could potentially do that by hand as well.

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