I have create new view showing all content referenced by given tag using contextual filter (field_tag: Content) Content: ID zawartości. Now I struggle how to overwrite the view page title with id of tag instead of node id provided as argument of contextual title.

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In the contextual filters menu I have only following tokens avaliable:

enter image description here

while I am looking for the token allowing me to use "tag title" instead of "tag id" in the view page title.

The general idea is to have a page listing all content which is referenced by a tag given as a url argument.

I have read answers for similar questions here, but can't really find working solution.

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At the end I benefited from both @No Sssweat and @Neograph734 answers.

First of all I added (field_tag: Content) Content: Title [nie pokazuj] field. Than I entered Content: Title field marked "modify output value" and get replacement token from there.

At the end I inputed the replacement token in contextual filter menu.

As @Neograph734 mentioned my problem was that the contextual filter did not proper list all available tokens.


Add (field_tag: Content) Content: ID to your fields.

You must move field_tag above the title, so the field_tag token becomes available.

Then click on the title field and re-write the results. click on Available tokens, and you should see the field_tag token which you then copy and paste it on the rewrite box.

If you are re-writing the link, make sure you unchecked the Link this field to the original piece of content box, other wise your re-write won't apply.

  • Thanks for your answer. I am trying to overwrite "page view title" and not the "Content: Title" field. Even If I have the fields rearranged no additional token is displayed in "Avaliable tokens" while I click on "Contextual Filters" (where I may "overwrite title").
    – Abdel5
    Nov 7, 2015 at 13:02
  • oh, I over looked your drupal 8 tag.
    – No Sssweat
    Nov 7, 2015 at 13:08
  • 2
    The contextual filter does not proper list all available tokens, but in most cases it does work with fields tokens also. (At least with D7). Nov 7, 2015 at 13:08

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