I have a Drupal website that I transferred it from host A to host B. I have some images uploaded with its Arabic file name, it works fine on host A, but after zipping Drupal files into a zip archieve, sending it to host B, extracting it there and finally run my website there, I found that the file names have been corrupted. the following screen shot demonstrates the issue:

enter image description here

What's the cause of this issue? How could I keep correct multiple byte file names correctly during zipping and unzipping?

By the way, the two hosts are Linux.


The solution is, simply, to compress the folder or files as tar not zip. Tar does not encode file names so it keeps it as it is in the filesystem. This is the Reference

enter image description here


Are the two hosts the same host? If not, its highly likely host B does not support arabic writting.

Transfer 1 arabic file, without ziping it, to prove my theory.

  • On host B, from Drupal, I have uploaded an image with Arabic file name, also from cPanel I have uploaded another one with Arabic file name too and it works fine. I think that your theory is not correct. – SaidbakR Nov 8 '15 at 8:35

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