In Drupal 7, I was using hook_node_presave() to update some hidden fields in a node.

function mymodule_node_presave($node){
    if ( CONDITIONS ) {
        $node->field_fieldname['und'][0]['value'] = importantfunction();

In Drupal 8 I cannot do the same thing. Looking into the object I tried this:

function mymodule_node_presave($node){
    if ( CONDITIONS ) {

It won't work though. I am aware that a lot have changed in Drupal 8 and I am studying it, but I did not find an answer to this yet.

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A bit outdated but still a great resource:


Also the documentation on drupal.org: https://www.drupal.org/node/1795854

In short, fields are lists of objects that use property and array access magic methods to simplify reading and writing values to them:

// Set a value, the field class will decide what to do with it, usually write to the primary property...
$entity->field_fieldname = importantfunction();

// The default property is often called value, but for reference fields, it is target_id, text fields also have a format for example
$entity->field_fieldname->format = 'full_html';

// By default, you access delta 0, you can also set other deltas.
$entity->field_fieldname[1] = importantfunction();

// You can also append a new item, without hardcoding the delta.

// Note that when accessing fields, you must always specify the property:
print $entity->field_fieldname->value;
print $entity->field_fieldname[1]->value;

// What basically happens internally for the above is:
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    – ndvo
    Nov 9, 2015 at 19:36

Probably late here but if anyone is still looking then:

function mymodule_entity_presave(EntityInterface $entity){
    $entity->set( 'field_fieldname',importantfunction() );

I don't know if this is a best practice, but I've come to this solution:

function mymodule_node_presave(EntityInterface $node){
    $node->field_fieldname->set(0, importantfunction() );

This is a very late answer.

With \Drupal\node\NodeInterface interface, I'm using that snippet to achieve your needs :

 * Implements hook_node_presave();
 * @param \Drupal\node\NodeInterface $node

function module_name_node_presave(\Drupal\node\NodeInterface $node) {
    if($node->get('field_name')->getString() != 'search') {
        $node->set('field_name', 'new field value');
  • This does not work
    – sea26.2
    Jun 17, 2020 at 3:00

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