I have a quite big website with restaurants. I'm saving their data (like coords, city, street, country etc.) with CCK fields.

Fields City and Country are connected with vocabularies (named Cities and Countries). What i'm trying to do is to somehow bulk save all the Cities terms as a child elements of a term from Cities taxonomy. So if i have a restaurant located in Barcelona, Spain, i wan't to save a Barcelona term (from Cities vocabulary) as a child element of Spain term (from Countries vocabulary).

Have you any ideas how can i make something like this ?
thanks in advance.


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I recently created a hierarchical taxonomy on our main premium site using some data exported from our SQLServer and used Taxonomy CSV import/export to import the file. I used LibreOffice Calc to massage the data into place, then exported from LibreOffice to CSV. A Google Docs version of my data is available, if you're interested.

Two things I remember doing:

  1. I choose to import as a 'taxonomy_manager' file
  2. Any term which will be used as a parent needs to appear at the top before any of its children appear.

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