I am writing a custom drupal module (my first one in my life), and I am trying to load an external library (https://github.com/jwilsson/spotify-web-api-php), and until now I used these methods:

  1. Loaded file array in info file

    files[] = spotify-web-api-php/vendor/autoload.php,spotify-web-api-php/src/Request.php,spotify-web-api-php/src/Session.php,spotify-web-api-php/src/SpotifyWebAPI.php,spotify-web-api-php/src/SpotifyWebAPIException.php

  2. I made this function based on another answers here (Copied the library in libraries folder)

    function blve_spotify_registry_files_alter (&$files, $modules) { if (!class_exists('SpotifyWebAPI\Session')) { $library_path = function_exists('libraries_get_path') ? libraries_get_path('spotify-web-api-php') : 'sites/all/libraries/spotify-web-api-php';

    $files[$library_path . '/vendor/autoload.php'] = array(
      'module' => 'blve_spotify',
      'weight' => 0,

    } }

  3. I used require_once but will only work on one function

None of these methods worked, when I made a function to call all the loaded files any of the methods or files I need are loaded, please help me to made it work with the required php files. Thanks in advance

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Use libraries module to load 3rd party dependencies (easier way), or composer manager to load composer package (better way).

Here you can find some details and examples how to start with libraries module.


Instead of

files[] = spotify-web-api-php/vendor/autoload.php,spotify-web-api-php/src/Request.php,spotify-web-api-php/src/Session.php,spotify-web-api-php/src/SpotifyWebAPI.php,spotify-web-api-php/src/SpotifyWebAPIException.php


files[] = spotify-web-api-php/vendor/autoload.php
files[] = spotify-web-api-php/src/Request.php
files[] = spotify-web-api-php/src/Session.php
files[] = spotify-web-api-php/src/SpotifyWebAPI.php,
files[] = spotify-web-api-php/src/SpotifyWebAPIException.php

in Drupal 7 i used to do a quick & dirty way, surely it's not recommended, but perhaps can help you or give you inspiration:

In the following example i load a class called Carbon

  1. create a function, i.e. : _get_carbon()

function _get_carbon() {

$carbon_path = function_exists('libraries_get_path') ? libraries_get_path('Carbon') : 'sites/all/libraries/Carbon';
$c = $carbon_path . '/src/Carbon/Carbon.php';
$GLOBALS['carbon'] = new Carbon\Carbon();


  1. everytime you need this class, call that function _get_carbon(), you'll find the class at $GLOBALS['carbon']

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