I want to create a page with a panel (using the Panels module). Then want to put a view in it. But I don't see anything in the content section, this is how it looks like:

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I saw the question about "How to add Views into a Panels page", but in my Views display there is no panel pane display.

Where is my problem, do I need some additional module?

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Welcome to Drupal, you had just one step more to do that, go to your module list in admin/modules and in Panels package enable Views content panes module then all views exists for using in panels. also it provide a news dispaly in views.

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Also you can see this video for more getting involve with views pane


Can't add this as a comment :( But, oh well...

Views content panes (views_content) is in Chaos tool suite [Chaos tools (ctools)] not Panels (panels).

# drush pmi views_content
 Extension     :  views_content
 Project       :  ctools
 Type          :  module
 Title         :  Views content panes
 Description   :  Allows Views content to be used in
                  Panels, Dashboard and other modules
                  which use the
                  CTools Content API.
 Version       :  7.x-1.12
 Package       :  Chaos tool suite
 Core          :  7.x

 Files         :  plugins/views/views_content_plugin_display_ctools_context.inc,
 Requires      :  ctools, views
 Required by   :  none

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