I've a multilingual site which has 2 languages one is English running at www.example.com/en and another is french running at www.example.com/fr

Now, what oa_search module does is it checks the condition for search and then sends the search keyword to user or node according to the condition.

i.e. www/example.com/search/node/[search_keyword] or www.example/com/search/user/[search_keyword]

I've found the following code (inside root/profiles/openatrium/modules/apps/oa_search/oa_search.js) responsible for this behaviour:

var path = Drupal.settings.basePath + 'search' + '/' + (type === 'users' ? 'user' : 'node') + '/' + term;

The issue is every time I search a keyword the search is redirected to www.example.com/search/node/[search_keyword] instead of www.example.com/[language_keyword]/search/node/[search_keyword]

as a result of which user's language is reset after making a search.

How to solve this problem??

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