In a D7 site, I'd like to get all of the user signatures using raw mysql query . I've found a signature_forum_post table but could not figure out how to make a query that returns both user.id and signature text, so appreciate your help.


Please try the following.

if ($account->id() && isset($form_state['values']['user_signature'])) { if (!$account->get('user_signature')->isEmpty()) { db_merge('user_signature') ->key(array('uid' => $account->id())) ->fields(array( 'signature__value' => $account->get('user_signature')->value, 'signature__format' => $account->get('user_signature')->format, )) ->execute(); } else { db_delete('user_signature') ->condition('uid', $account->id()) ->execute(); } }

  • Please note that I wanted sql query not php.
    – Jand
    Nov 16 '15 at 17:49

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