I am trying to display in a ColorBox popup, a caption AND a title (caption from image 'alt' attribute and title from image 'title' attribute). The colorbox is opened when an image is clicked.

Here is an example of what I want to do.


The img will be something like the following.

<img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://localhost:4444/img.jpg" width="336"   height="254" alt="LEGEND / CAPTION balbalblalblalba balbalblalblalba balbalblalblalba" title="TITLE balbalblalblalba balbalblalblalba balbalblalblalba" class="">

Do you have any idea of how can I do that?

I am using:

  • Colorbox 7.x-2.10
  • Drupal 7.35

The colorbox module settings are the following.


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Add "colorbox" class to your element. You could also select by document.getElementsByTagName("img"), but we don't really want to select every single img tag.

var cbox = document.getElementsByClassName("colorbox")

for (var i=0, i < cbox.length; i++) {
  cboxTitle = cbox[i].title;
  cboxAlt= cbox[i].alt;

  cboxTitle = "<span class='title'>" + cboxTitle + "</span> <span class='alt'>" + cboxAlt + "</span>"

You then just got to make colorbox print out the title tag and style it the way you want.

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