I am using db_merge() in my code, and I would like to print a status message with drupal_set_message() that reports if the record has been added or updated.

Is it possible?


MergeQuery::execute() returns MergeQuery::STATUS_INSERT when the data was inserted in the database table, and MergeQuery::STATUS_UPDATE when a row was updated.

MergeQuery is the class of the object returned from db_merge().

public function execute() {
  if (!count($this->condition)) {
    throw new InvalidMergeQueryException(t('Invalid merge query: no conditions'));
  $select = $this->connection->select($this->conditionTable)
  if (!$select->execute()->fetchField()) {
    try {
      $insert = $this->connection->insert($this->table)->fields($this->insertFields);
      if ($this->defaultFields) {
      return self::STATUS_INSERT;
    catch (Exception $e) {
      // The insert query failed, maybe it's because a racing insert query
      // beat us in inserting the same row. Retry the select query, if it
      // returns a row, ignore the error and continue with the update
      // query below.
      if (!$select->execute()->fetchField()) {
        throw $e;
  if ($this->needsUpdate) {
    $update = $this->connection->update($this->table)
    if ($this->expressionFields) {
      foreach ($this->expressionFields as $field => $data) {
        $update->expression($field, $data['expression'], $data['arguments']);
    return self::STATUS_UPDATE;

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