I'm using Views Field to show a view in a Horizontal Tab in a content type. My trouble is that when the view returns empty based on filter criteria, the tab is not hidden.

The view itself has 4 fields from the content plus some custom text.

I tried going through some of the "Not Empty" tips for hding blocks when views are empty, but It didn't work and it was all a shot in the dark anyway.

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Try with this

$node = node_load($argument);
if ((isset($node->field_fotos) || 
     isset($node->field_summary)) &&
     (is_array($node->field_fotos) &&
     count($node->field_fotos) > 0) ||
     (is_array($node->field_summary) && 
     count($node->field_summary) > 0)) {
  return TRUE;
else {
  return FALSE;
  • Where would I try that? In the view or in the page template? Also I'm assuming field_fotos and field_summary would be replaced by my particular fields. Commented Nov 22, 2015 at 1:17

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