I am trying to migrate a link field field_url from a Drupal 7 site to my Drupal 8 one. The link field is compound, it has a title and a url value. In my process plugin I am selecting the right values (field_url_title and field_url_url), but I don't know how to map them in my yaml definition file. What I have:

          field_url: field_url_url
          field_url_title: field_url_title

...maps correctly the url, but does not populate the title one. What's the destination field machine name I would need to use to add in the link title?


It is pretty simple mate, here is an example:

  plugin: iterator
  source: field_url
    uri: url
    title: title
    options: attributes

Because in D8 the field_url_url database field changed to field_url_uri and the attributes to options, you can not use direct mapping on this field.

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