This is a follow up to this question. If I go to admin/store/products/classes, then I can only create new content types:

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The problem is, I have another content type, called "product", which I need to set as an UberCart product. And I create this class in ubercart that has now resulted in a new content typed called "Basic Product". When all I really want is for the existing product to be considered as an actual product.

When I edit the "product" content type, I can see it doesn't have the same options as the "basic product" content type:

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So the question is: how do I make my EXISTING "product" content type an Uber Cart product? I checked under classes and that only seems to work if you want to create a NEW content type.


Have you simply tried to put the machine name of your existing content type in Class ID, and its human name in NAME ?

I've had such problem 3 years ago, and I solved it so. More, for tests purpose I've just created a foo content type. Then I added the Class ID foo, and it has been mapped with foo content type.

  • I did, and it threw another error. But it seems unrelated. So yes, it seems to just work by doing that. Thank you! :-) – coderama Nov 30 '15 at 18:06
  • Glad to know you had no worse trouble ;) – Kojo Nov 30 '15 at 19:03

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