In the context of Organic Groups API, is there a hook that fires when an group administrator adds or removes a user from the group (or when a user self joins or self-removes their account)?

Ultimately, I was hoping for a hook that was fired around og_group() and og_ungroup() as that's how I best understand the API so far.

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You can find all OG hooks here.

You already mentioned two of them, but for the sake of a complete answer here are the hooks fired on membership add/edit/delete:

Also, as memberships actually are entities you can also use all hooks used for saving and deleting entities, like hook_entity_update and hook_entity_delete. You can find them in this list.


Well, this always seems to happen after offering a bounty. I stumbled upon these nifty hooks.

If anyone has a better idea, the bounty is still active..

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