I'm using search_api_solr and search_api_location. I have a view with exposed filters to perform geolocation searches.

I'm trying to reorder search result from a solr query based a referenced node's field. My question is witch hook to use, where i can access node fields and reorder the results.

I already tried:

  • hook_views_pre_render()
  • hook_views_post_execute()
  • hook_views_post_render()
  • hook_views_pre_view()

but reordering is effectless or i don't have access to node fields. I'm doing something like this:

$results = &$view->result;
$to_search_top = array();
foreach ( $results as $i => $capacity){
  if ((int) $capacity->{_entity_properties}['field_free_capacity_company_ref:field_last_review'] > 1) {
    $to_search_top[] = $capacity;

foreach ($to_search_top as $capa) {
  array_unshift($results, $capa);


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Finaly i was only able to solve this with hook_preprocess_views_view_table().

$to_search_top = array();
foreach ($vars['rows'] as $index => $row) {
  if ((int) $row['field_company_review_number_1'] > 0) {
    $to_search_top[] = $row;

// Sort reviewed by distance.
usort($to_search_top, function ($item1, $item2) {
    if ($item1['field_free_capacity_coordinates_latlon'] == $item2['field_free_capacity_coordinates_latlon']) {
            return 0;
    return $item1['field_free_capacity_coordinates_latlon'] > $item2['field_free_capacity_coordinates_latlon'] ? -1 : 1;

// Move to results top.
foreach ($to_search_top as $row) {
  array_unshift($vars['rows'], $row);

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