I have two content types - Page and Article, both having a field called "tag"(entity reference to taxonomy term) and both using the same vocabulary. I want to create a block "Linked Articles" and display it in "Pages". The block should contain a titles of all "linked" articles. With "linked" I mean articles which have the same tag(s) that current page has.

For example, I got pages:

  • Sport(tag="sport")
  • Music(tag="music")
  • Food(tag="food")

and articles:

  • Article about Rap Music(tag="music")
  • Article about Jazz(tag="music")
  • Article about Football(tag="sport")
  • Article about making a Pizza(tag="food")

The result: When I open "Music" page, there is a block "Linked articles" containing "Article about Rap Music" and "Article about Jazz" and so on...

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