In a node template, how would I be able to get the URL from an image field? Like if it were something like this:

{{ content.field_image.URL }}

Or if there is a similar alternative perhaps?


Have you seen the answer of this question?

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{{ content.field_image[0]['#item'].target_id }} would return the file entity id.

{{ content.field_image[0]['#item'].getUploadLocation() }} would return the file upload location uri (public://image-1)

It is better to use a preprocess function for this kind of logic and pass the result as a variable.

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  • How would one do that? I've been trying to accomplish this but I keep getting an undefined variable error. – ForsakenCreator Nov 30 '15 at 9:02

Getting the URL in a way that is actually a URL is not so easy and I think can currently only be done in preprocess. You need something like this:

enter code herefile_create_url($variables['node']->field_image->entity->getFileUrl())

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