I have a global flag, spam, that has a textfield, reason, attached to it.

According to the Flag API documentation, I know I can check whether a user is flagged like this:

$spam && $spam->is_flagged($account->uid)

However, in this case, I want to retrieve the flagging, and then check the value of a field in that flagging. I didn't see any directions for doing so in the documentation, so I'm at a loss about how best to proceed.

  • What type of var is $spam? Hopefully it's flag_entity but maybe it's flag_flag?
    – Clive
    Nov 28, 2015 at 18:18

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According to the Flag API


Loads a flagging entity. Parameters

$flagging_id: The 'flagging_id' database serial column.

$reset: Whether to reset the DrupalDefaultEntityController cache. Return value

The entity object, or FALSE if it can't be found

Therefore something like this might work:

$flaggings = flag_get_user_flags('node', $node->nid);
if (isset($flaggings['spam'])) {
    $flagging = flagging_load($flaggings['spam']->flagging_id);

You will then find your field in:


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