I installed Drush 8.0.0 for Drupal 8 on Linux Mint 17.1 via Composer.

I added Composer's directory to .bash_profile.

export PATH="$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH"

The problem is that every time I want to run Drush now, I have to re-source .bash_profile with source ~/.bash_profile.

Otherwise, I get an error saying it is not installed.

The program 'drush' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install drush

How can I keep it sourced?


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You need to put these commands in your ~/.bashrc file, which is sourced every time a new shell is started.

You might also want to try the new drush init command, which should do this setup for you. Be sure that you are using Drush 8.0.1 or later.

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