I'm using Organic Groups and I'm giving users a link to create content for the current group. I do this by giving the path node/add/grouptype?gids_node[]=1891.

This works fine, as the group is set by default. However, I can't get this to work on the overlay: node/1962#overlay=node/add/grouptype?gids_node[]=1961 makes the overlay not appear at all and node/1961?gids_node[]=1961#overlay=node/add/grouptype shows the overlay, but I don't think the argument is passed correctly.

Do you have any idea? I can't find any documentation on this.

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Okay, turns out it had nothing to do with overlay and had to do with correctly using l() function. If you want to add a query/arguments to a link using l function, you need to give a query argument to it. For example:

print l("Add page", "node/add/grouptype", array('query' => array('gids_node[]' => $group->etid)));

Otherwise, the ? will be encoded to %3F

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