I am making a files selling website with Drupal 7.41. Using the Commerce Files / Commerce License Modules, I have been able to setup the after payment completes, allow file download functionality.

However the files that becomes available to download is just the raw file. I want the file, which becomes available for download to be a zip/tar file which consists the

  1. File sold
  2. A simple readme.txt
  3. A pdf file consisting license information, made for that particular user transaction. Like Envato!

Is this automation possible? Can anybody please guide me on how I may be able to achieve this? Even pointing out the path would be helpful!


Here's what you need to get started.

You'll need to create a new license type and extend the CommerceLicenseBase class (or the file class). When your license class (whose parent class is CommerceLicenseBase) gets activated, the ->activate() method ends up calling ->save(). Your new class will implement ->save() and within that function you can:

  1. Generate a PDF.
  2. Generate or load a README.txt.
  3. Create a Zip file.
  4. Store that file and attach it to some entity, email it, etc.
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  • Hi, Thank you for pointing out the way! This looks achievable! Will update the post after getting it done! Thanks a lot! – aniki47 Dec 6 '15 at 1:21

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