I'm trying to figure out how to print out the file path and the name of the file uploaded from a custom content type. I have my template all setup and everything printing how I need to, the last thing is I just need to be able to print out the path or at least the name of the file from the upload attached to the content.

I tried using:

{{ node.field_name.value }}
{{ node.field_name.url }}
{{ node.field_name.content }}

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The file field is an entity reference field, you can get the first file entity with .entity:

{{ node.field_downloads.entity.filename.value }}
{{ node.field_downloads.entity.uri.value }}

And access the fields of the file entity as usually.

If you have more than one file in the field:

second file:
{{ node.field_downloads.1.entity.filename.value }}
third file:
{{ node.field_downloads.2.entity.filename.value }}
  • Thank you very much! You helped me yesterday too, I figured out a lot but this was one of the last things I couldn't seem to find Dec 5, 2015 at 10:11

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