I created a custom module, It generate a custom Form in a page. When I submit my form, I create a new node. So, I am redirect to the form page but I would like be redirect to the new node page.

I add this line at the end of my submitForm function :


But when I submit my form from the website, I get the empty-white-screen-of-the-death. My apache log :

Uncaught PHP Exception Symfony\\Component\\Routing\\Exception\\RouteNotFoundException: "Route "node/153" does not exist.

And then, when I go manually to the node/153 page, there isn't any problem. The page work well.

My question : where is my mistake ? How can I set the redirection after create the new node ? Is it possible from the submitForm function ?

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I think if you want to use the setRedirect function then you might want to look at its documentation found https://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/core%21lib%21Drupal%21Core%21Form%21FormState.php/function/FormState%3A%3AsetRedirect/8

You can then base the ff. code from FormSubmitter::redirectForm or FormSubmitterInterface::redirectForm. So your code might look something like:

  array('node' => $mynewnode->id()),

You can also find out where is "entity.node.canonical" from by searching in core/modules/node and where it is declared and what it's about.

Hope everything's going great!


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