I'm trying to setup a slick carousel slideshow. I've created a content type for the images and added a few nodes to the content type with images. I then created a View block...but see no option to format with 'slick carousel'. This article says to choose 'slick carousel' instead of format: unformatted list (but I don't see this option).

The only place I see the ability to choose 'slick carousel' is in the content: image field itself under 'Fields'. But when I choose it there - not surprisingly - it shows no results. If I leave it as the default it shows the images. But, of course, I want not just a block of the images from the nodes but a SLIDESHOW.

Does anyone know how to make this work with Slick Carousel? Thanks.

Note: I have installed the required libraries and the .min.js file

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Use the Slick views module.

Slick views adds a new display style to views called Slick carousel. Similar to how you select HTML List or Unformatted List as display styles.


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