I have a drupal English/French website. I have a custom content type called 'ad' with all sort of fields. I have created the file 'node--ad.tpl.php' in my theme directory to customize the display of the 'ad' content. I use pixture reloaded theme and DRUPAL 7. In node--ad.tpl.php fields are displayed with this code: print render($content['field_my_field_name']);

I am trying to translate fields (both labels and values) by using 'field translation' module.

Field translation works when I CREATE or MODIFY a content via admin.

However, when I DISPLAY a content of type 'ad', fields are not translated. This is because drupal calls to 'node--ad.tpl.php' and the translation module is probably not invoked. When deleting 'node--ad.tpl.php', drupal calls the default node.tpl.php with a similar results.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks in advanced,

Notes :

  1. I correctly activated every dependencies for the module.
  2. User interface translation correctly works.

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OK, I found out myself how to do this:

  1. Translate field labels and values in "Configuration > Regional and language > Translate > Import". You should import the values as 'User Interface', not as 'Fields'. Do not specify a URL, only msgstr and msgid.

  2. Now, you need to add your t() function in node.tpl.php for the translation to be effective, like so:

    • In the node.tpl.php file, to translate field label write something like this: $content['field_my_field']['#title'] = t($content['field_my_field']['#title']);
    • To translate field's value, use: $content['field_my_field']["#items"][0]['value'] = t($content['field_my_field']["#items"][0]['value']);

You can now render your field:

print render($content['field_my_field']);

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