I love the Devel Generate module as it helps me to create test content very quickly. Random content that the module generates is sufficient most of the times.

But at times I would like to have content for all the permutations and combinations. For example let us say that a content type has three optional fields. So in total I would like to have 8 nodes of that type created that cover all the permutations.

Is this something that can be achieved with the Devel module?

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To my knowledge there is no such feature in the Devel Generate module.

Therefor, as an alternative, I recommend to use a (rather basic) custom module for creating such nodes (so without using Devel Generate).

The article about How to programmatically create nodes, comments and taxonomies in Drupal 7 contains great example of how to do so. Here is a summary of that article (about how to programmatically create a node):

  • Initialize a node object
  • Add body field
  • Add custom fields
  • Add file / image field
  • Add a term to a node
  • Save a node

You probably don't need the "add file" and "add term", and simply have to repeat the "add custom fields" a few times (for each of your 3 fields), and then "you" are in full control of which permutations/combinations you actually want.


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