Put another way.

Using a loop, how do I pass the number of items in a list to an action outside the loop?

I have created a loop and within the loop I have added an action to calculate a data value as follows

Data selector: 'loop_name:quantity' 

Calculation: *1 = calculation_result

From within the loop I can access the new variable 'calculation_result' however I can not figure out how to expose the calculation result to other data selectors.

What steps am I missing?


You have to create a new variable BEFORE your loop.

Select add a variable from rules action

And then select the type of variables in that list. For your example, perhaps a list of decimals?

Select a list of decimals

Be sure to give it a good custom name for your loop:

Give the variable a good custom name

Then, in your loop, you can add a new variable to an existing list:

Add an item to a list

Then, after your loop, you can access calculation results:

Select from a list

Note, that if you don't know explicitly which in your loop you want, then you will have to loop through your new calculation results and use a condition rule to return the one you need as (yet another) variable.

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