I am looking to create a view which will return any content a user has membership to.

Following steps from another post, I managed to return content which matches users membership. But this doesn't take into account content where membership is inherited. So a node which is linked to another node's audience doesn't appear in the view. Steps taken:

  • Add new view. Show -> OG membership (important!)
  • Then in some display add a contextual filter:

    OG membership: Entity id.

    Provide default value: Type -> User ID from logged in user

  • Next to get the actual titles of the groups (as the base table is OG membership, not node),
  • Add a relationship -> Group Node from OG membership.
  • Add a field -> Content: Title. Relationship -> Group node from OG membership.

Using Views to List a Member's Organic Groups (7.x-2.3)

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After digging around in the default views, I found a work around for my problem.

I cloned the view OG User groups (OG membership) which is normally attached to the user profile. I then filtered content against some custom fields to resolve my problem.

Its a work around admittedly, but I would advise people to check some of the other default views or the og_extras module for additional views.

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